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Clock In / Clock Out Webhooks

We are adding webhooks for clocking in, clocking out, break start and break end system events.

If you wish to integrate this functionality within your external application, tick the “Enable clock in/clock out webhooks” box on the Webhooks screen (located under Business Settings) and add the webhooks according to the following guide:

Read more here: AU | UK | SG | MY | NZ

CPF September 2023 Ordinary Wages Ceiling Changes from 6000 to 6300

The monthly contribution for Central Provide Fund (CPF) ordinary wages ceiling is changing from 6,000 to 6,300 from September 2023 onwards.

Our platform has been modified to align with the CPF legislative changes announced in Budget 2023. Starting from September 2023, CPF contributions will reflect the revised ordinary wage ceiling of 6,300.

As there are changes from CPF ordinary wage from September onwards, the CPF additional ceiling cap will undergo changes to reflect these changes.

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You can also refer to CPF budget 2023 announcements here: Budget Highlights 2023