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July 11, 2024

Latest Swag Updates


We are releasing an update to the Employment Hero HR PY Experience Swag open beta feature that streamlines the process of granting employee portal access. This update is for organisations using both Employment Hero HR and Payroll platforms who have opted into the beta experience. These organisations have been contacted directly as Employment Hero HR customers.

Granting employee portal access will now be managed in Employment Hero HR.

For new employees:

  • During onboarding in the HR platform, admins will have the option to grant employee portal access immediately.
  • Once an employee is onboarded or their account email is synced to payroll, they will have instant access to the clock in feature.

For existing employees:

  • This feature has been added to the employee file under Pay Details > Pay Run Details in the HR platform.
  • The portal access checkbox will appear only if the employee is synced to payroll.

There will be no changes to an employees’ current access. Upon release, the employee’s file will be automatically updated to reflect their current status. If they had access before, the checkbox will be ticked.

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