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New Rules Enhancement for Annual Leave Loading Calculation Update

We have identified an issue with the recent release of the new enhancement for annual leave loading calculations.

This issue impacts rulesets that are utilising allowances paid by tags. The interaction between the new annual leave loading calculation and allowance rules where tags are applied is not functioning as intended.

We understand the importance of this update for our partners, and we are working diligently to update the system as soon as possible. We will make sure to notify you as soon as the update is completed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay in updating our system's award settings to the new enhancement.

Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.

Delay to WorkZone Decommission (AU)

It was previously communicated that access to WorkZone would be restricted on the 1st of May, 2023, as part of the WorkZone to Swag migration.

The decommissioning of WorkZone has been delayed, and your clients and their teams will continue to have access to WorkZone beyond the 1st of May, 2023.

We still encourage payroll-only businesses to migrate their teams from WorkZone to Swag as soon as possible.

We will provide an updated decommission date in the coming weeks.

Clock In / Clock Out Webhooks

We are adding webhooks for clocking in, clocking out, break start and break end system events.

If you wish to integrate this functionality within your external application, tick the “Enable clock in/clock out webhooks” box on the Webhooks screen (located under Business Settings) and add the webhooks according to the following guide:

Read more here: AU | UK | SG | MY | NZ

New Authorisation Requirements of SMS Sender Names

In July 2022, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) made revisions to the Scam Code as a result of a significant increase in SMS scams. The Scam Code sets out processes for identifying, tracing, blocking and otherwise disrupting scam calls and scam SMS. The changes aim to provide better protections for consumers against scams and to make Australia a harder target for scammers.

To remain compliant with these regulatory changes that affect the entire industry, our SMS provider will now require the pre-registration of all (alphanumeric) SMS notification sender names that are configured for each brand.

Up to now, we have allowed partners to create a customised SMS sender name against each of their brands. So that we comply with the new requirements set by our SMS provider and thereby ensure SMS notifications sent by the platform are not blocked, we will be changing what SMS notification sender names can be configured by partners.

The rules will be as follows:

1. Partners can assign one of the following SMS sender names against their brand without requiring pre-registration paperwork to be completed:

  • YourPayroll
  • EHPayroll
  • Payroll
  • payroll

2. Partners can choose their own generic SMS sender name that can then be used moving forward for any new or existing brands. This will require pre-registration paperwork to be completed to obtain authorisation from our SMS provider.

3. If partners wish to retain the current SMS sender names assigned to their existing brands, pre-registration paperwork will need to be completed to obtain authorisation from our SMS provider.

Partners can choose one or a combination of the above solutions.

What actions are required immediately?

Not every partner will be affected by these new requirements. For example, if you already have assigned one of the generic SMS sender names listed in (1) above, there will be no further action required from you. You may also choose to update the existing SMS sender name assigned to your brand(s) to any of the generic ones listed to avoid having to complete options (2) and/or (3).

If you’re not sure what SMS sender name has been configured for your brand, you can find this by navigating to the partner dashboard:

Select “Brands” from the left navigation menu > click on your brand name and refer to the “SMS notification sender name” field.

We will be directly reaching out to affected parties this week with further instructions on the steps required to obtain authorisation of the partner’s SMS sender names. In general, affected partners will need to submit letters of authority for each unique SMS sender name assigned to their brands and also provide evidence of business registration for the authorised brand owner entity.

What SMS sender names can be used moving forward?

For any new brands created moving forward or if an SMS sender name is to be updated for an existing brand, partners can either use:

  • One of the generic SMS sender names listed in (1) above; or
  • One of the existing SMS sender names that have been pre-registered and authorised for their brand.

Any deviation from this will result in SMS notifications being blocked by the SMS provider.

As stated above, we will commence sending direct correspondence to affected partners next week. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information on this.