How to access technical support

Employment Hero provides partners with Level 2 platform support. It is your responsibility to provide Level 1 platform support to your customers. Customers should be made aware that you, the partner, are their sole point of contact for payroll support and related inquiries. Employment Hero does not accept support requests from customers of partners, or non-Payroll Champions within your team.

When and how to log a Level 2 support ticket:

  • If the solution is not available in the knowledge base or support resources and;
  • The request cannot be solved using payroll expertise
  • For bug fixes
  • Only to be submitted by a nominated Payroll Champion
  • Please do not forward emails from other team members or customers to Employment Hero Support
  • Please do not cc other members of staff into support requests either

*All support requests should be initiated via email using the following emails:

*To access historical tickets, sign in or register for an account via the Employment Hero Zendesk Ticket Portal.

Additional criteria

Please also include the following criteria to enable our support team to help you:

  • Company Name (as it is displayed in Employment Hero Payroll)
  • Business Number (as it is displayed in Employment Hero Payroll)
  • Support Request Details - please provide a detailed description of the support request
  • **NOTE - please do not forward emails from clients
  • Steps Taken - Please detail any steps taken to resolve the reported request
  • Urgency - Please detail the urgency - do not classify all as urgent
  • Affected Employee - Please detail the affected employee (if it is multiple please provide an example employee - where applicable)
  • Affected Pay Run - Please detail the affected pay run (if it is multiple please provide details of period end dates - where applicable)
  • Additional Information - Providing support for Employment Hero is complex and the more information you provide the quicker we will get to a solution.
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