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Swag Release Notes 2.8.1
June 23, 2023

Swag Release Notes 2.8.1


The following updates have been released to the latest version of Swag:

  • The greeting on the Swag dashboard has been updated to be based on region
  • The Benefits homepage has been refreshed with a new look

The following fixes have been released to the latest version of Swag:

  • Swag remains responsive if the user closes the app when the in-app feedback prompt is activated
  • Leave updates accordingly when the user switches organisation
  • Users using the magic link will not bypass the 2FA enforcement
  • Expenses cannot be submitted if the permission is not enabled
  • Timesheets that are accessed via notifications will now display a status
  • Terminated employees cannot submit timesheets, leave, unavailability, action rostered shifts, and expenses
  • Timesheets are no longer showing as duplicated

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