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Singapore CPF Enhancements
April 26, 2024

Singapore CPF Enhancements


We are excited to unveil improvements to Singapore pay runs with the introduction of two new buttons within Central Provident Fund (CPF) adjustments. This enhanced functionality enables administrators to customise CPF calculations in alignment with their company policies, offering increased flexibility and control over CPF management.

To navigate to the new feature, follow these steps:

1. Head to an un-finalised pay run.
2. Click the employee who needs CPF adjustments.
3. Click the Actions button.
4. Click Adjust CPF.
5. Under CPF Adjustments, you can click Mandatory Employee CPF or Mandatory Employer CPF.

The adjustments feature does not affect the default platform's automated calculations for ordinary and additional wages subject to CPF. Should you decide to override these automated calculations, it will not affect the CPF calculation engine, specifically concerning the estimated CPF Additional Wages (AW) Ceiling for CPF additional wages throughout the CPF year.

In addition, the CPF context panel design is now aligned closer to what you can see from the CPF board's calculator.

For more information: How is CPF calculated in a Pay Run?

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