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Portable Long Service Leave Report
October 12, 2023

Portable Long Service Leave Report


A new report designed to support portable long service leave reporting has been released.

We understand the challenges associated with staying compliant in an environment of ever-evolving regulations and the complexities of managing employee entitlements.

To help with this process, we have developed the Portable Long Service Leave report. This report will assist users in meeting the diverse State and industry reporting requirements for employees participating in the Portable Long Service Leave Scheme.

Additional fields for Portable Long Service Leave membership and reporting requirement details can be added via API or within the employee’s profile.

Two new fields to existing endpoints have been created:

  1. portableLongServiceLeaveId
  2. includeInPortableLongServiceLeaveReport

PortableLongServiceLeaveId is used to capture the Portable LSL Scheme Member ID, and if includeInPortableLongServiceLeaveReport is FALSE or blank, the employee will not be included in the Portable LSL Report.

For further details on API fields, please refer to our API Documentation.

Refer to our support article for further details on this report: Portable Long Service Leave Report | Reporting

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