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New Pay Rate Templates for System Awards
March 21, 2024

New Pay Rate Templates for System Awards


We have introduced a new set of Pay Rate Templates for Casual employees to following awards:

  • Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2020 (MA000027)
  • Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award (MA000025)
  • Business Equipment Award 2020 (MA000021)

For casual employees that have been set up to the correct Employment Agreement, applying the award update will automatically reassign these employees to the new Pay Rate Templates.

If any casual employees have been manually assigned to a Casual Pay Rate Template, their Pay Rate Template will need to be manually reassigned to the new Casual Pay Rate. To do this:

  • Apply an Award Update for the impacted system award built
  • Once complete, navigate to Pay Run Defaults for an impacted employee
  • Under the section Pay Rate Template, select the new Pay Rate Template

NB: You can bulk update employee data via an Employee Import.

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