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FPS Audit report updates
September 26, 2023

FPS Audit report updates


We have made some updates and additions to the FPS audit reports and what you can do with them.

1. If you have RTI submissions set to be submitted in test mode, when you submit an FPS this will now show on the FPS Audit Report highlighting that it has been submitted in test mode. To check if RTI submissions are set to be submitted in test mode go to: HMRC Settings > Would you like to make RTI submissions in test mode for this business?

2. You can now also: preview the FPS file that has been submitted via the pay run by clicking on the report button in the pay run actions options. This fundamentally provides an alternative route to the FPS report.

3. Finally, Once you have submitted an FPS, there is an option to preview the National Insurance figures that have been included in the pay run and on the FPS. Click on the report button in the pay run actions options and select FPS NI figures preview to access. For more information see: FPS National Insurance Figures Preview

For more information: RTI Submission Messages and FPS Audit Report

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