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Employee Self-Setup
March 27, 2024

Employee Self-Setup


We've improved the employee onboarding process by making the ‘Employee Self Setup’ the default employee onboarding option when onboarding a new employee in Payroll. If Employee Self Service (ESS) is enabled, the default option in the "Add Employee" dropdown will now be "Start Employee Self Setup". "Add Employee" will still be selectable within the dropdown list.

An option under Advanced Settings allows businesses to toggle between the default options. When enabled, "Add Employee" becomes the default; when disabled, "Start Employee Self Setup" takes precedence.

Why did we make this change?

This update will optimise the user experience to reduce manual effort involved in employee onboarding.

Employees can still be onboarded in two ways:

  1. Manual setup: You enter the employee's personal information into the system, requiring double entry and time-consuming manual effort.
  2. Employee Self Setup: You invite the employee to complete the process themselves.

More Information: Employee Self Setup - Employer Process

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