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CP8D for the year of assessment 2023
February 27, 2024

CP8D for the year of assessment 2023


The new format for the CP8D text file is now available, and it will include the following additional fields:

1. Employee status - This will default to:

- “2” if the employee type is Full-time

- “4” if the employee type is Part-time

2. Date of retirement/ End of contract - If the employee is active, this field will be populated with “00-00-0000” as per the guideline from LHDN.

CP8D contains all employee's remuneration data and needs to be submitted together with Form e-E. From the year of assessment 2023, all employers including non-company must submit Form e-E & CP8D via the e-filing system.

E-filing system for Form e-E will be available from 1 March 2024. The due date for submission is 31 March 2024, with a grace period of 1 month.

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