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API Values Change for AtoIntegrationOption
April 11, 2024

API Values Change for AtoIntegrationOption


We are improving how we handle Enum values during deserialisation within the AuStpRegistrationModel resource in the AU Payroll API. It is important for maintaining consistency to make sure the string representation of Enum values in requests accurately matches the defined Enum members.

This update aims to eliminate validation errors and unexpected behaviours arising from incorrect Enum value submissions in API requests.

Here are some things to note:

  • During deserialisation, when the request contains an Enum value, we make sure the string representation matches one of the Enum members. (e.g. Mobile is not a valid option for AtoIntegrationOption and would cause a validation error.)
  • AtoIntegrationOption is supposed to be a string of Phone or AccessManager. However, the actual response is a number.
  • When the business has one of the acceptable values (Phone or AccessManager), everything functions smoothly. However, if a business hasn't configured its registration yet, the API will respond with '0'.

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