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25 mins

The Payoff of Payroll: How Employment Hero Payroll Drives ROI for Partners

What's covered in the session? 

This session explores how Employment Hero Payroll can deliver real value for your firm and clients, beyond just streamlining processes and reducing errors. Stephen dives into the key features and benefits of Employment Hero Payroll, and best practices from current partners, who are leveraging Employment Hero Payroll to increase revenue, reduce costs, and scale their businesses. Stephen then details the return on investment of Employment Hero Payroll and how partners can turn payroll into a profit centre.  

What you'll take away:

  1. An understanding of the key features and benefits of Employment Hero Payroll that drive success
  2. Proven strategies from partners who are successfully leveraging Employment Hero Payroll 
  3. Insights into the evolving needs of the payroll industry, and how Employment Hero Payroll is meeting those needs

This session is best for:

This session is ideal for new or existing partners who are in the process of shaping or refining their payroll strategies.


Stephen Maxwell

Account Executive @ Employment Hero