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1 hr 3 mins

Managing Leave in Employment Hero Payroll

What's in this session? 

In this session we will cover all aspects of how to manage leave in Employment Hero Payroll for your customers. We will cover setting up leave categories and leave allowance templates, common leave types in Australia, processing leave requests, cashing out leave and adjusting leave balances.

What you'll take away an understanding of:

  1. Leave categories and leave allowance templates in Employment Hero Payroll
  2. How to process leave requests, cash out leave and make leave adjustments
  3. How to set up custom leave entitlements for your customers

This webinar is best for:

All levels will be catered, from users with limited experience using Employment Hero Payroll to those Partners who need to implement and process custom leave requirements for your customers.


Kathleen Sotomayor

Partner Success Specialist @ Employment Hero