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Integrate Super Payments within a Pay Run
April 23, 2024

Integrate Super Payments within a Pay Run


This feature allows for a seamless integration between pay runs and superannuation payments. This reduces the steps required for your organisation to improve your superannuation compliance obligations. Key aspects of the feature include:

  • Super batches are now automatically populated with the relevant dates and super contribution details from the pay run, reducing manual entry errors and processing time.
  • A 'Create Super Payment' button is now available upon pay run finalisation, streamlining the transition to super batch creation without the need for navigating through multiple pages.
  • A ‘Review Super Payment’ button is also available upon creation of the super payment, supporting reconciliation and super payment processing.
  • A 'Go to pay run' button has been added to the super batch screen, facilitating smooth workflow transitions.
  • New icons and hover-over texts have been introduced to indicate the status of super payments at various stages, from creation to submission and finalisation.
  • Users can now choose between immediate super batch creation or manual initiation at a later date, directly within the pay schedule settings.
  • Users managing multiple entities can now select the relevant entities through a dropdown menu during super batch creation, ensuring entity-specific super contributions.
  • New GET and POST API endpoints are now available, allowing developers to integrate super batch processing with external payroll and HR systems.

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