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Akahu Integration
May 2, 2023

Akahu Integration

New Zealand

Announcing an exciting new feature with our first payment integration for New Zealand! Available from the 3rd May 2023.

Take the manual processing of downloading and uploading BECS files out of your day-to-day workload. The Akahu integration allows you to connect to multiple bank accounts so that you can select which bank account you would like to use for different pay schedules. You can generate pay runs and instantly bulk-pay employees, as well as IRD.

Take a look at our support guide to learn how to use Akahu with Employment Hero Payroll: Guide to Akahu Payment integration.

NOTE: There is a $5 per business per month fee for sending payment files to Akahu. This will be added to your monthly payroll invoice. You also need to sign up for a free Akahu account:

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