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Frequently Asked Questions

How is billing calculated?

You will only receive a per employee monthly charge for active employees. An employee will be considered ‘active’ when at least one of the following actions has been completed for that employee during a calendar month:

  • Included in a finalised pay run (even if that pay run is subsequently unlocked)
  • Has had an approved leave request                        
  • Has had an approved expense request
  • Has had a published roster shift
  • Has had an approved timesheet

When does invoicing occur?

You will receive your invoices on the 1st of each month and payment is taken on the 8th of each month.

Can we access a demo payroll business?

Employment Hero doesn't provide pre-filled demo accounts. If you wish to create a demo account you can make a test business in your branded payroll solution. Trial periods are not automatically available so you will need to request this by contacting:

How is monthly billing achieved for our branded payroll solution?

If you have a branded payroll solution in place, Employment Hero will never bill your clients directly. As a partner, you are required to bill your clients. Employment Hero will invoice you directly each month.