3. Setting up payroll champions

When you come on board as an Employment Hero partner, it’s imperative to nominate three payroll champions per branded payroll account, from your organisation. Payroll Champions are the critical points of contact for Employment Hero and we will share important updates and news them when relevant. 

Nominations are made in your branded payroll settings and can be changed at any time. Find out how to nominate here

A Payroll Champion’s responsibilities include:

1. Self-learning and educating the wider organisation

Payroll Champions will become the most knowledgeable members of your organisation when it comes to Employment Hero. Champions are responsible for self-educating, using the resources listed below, and training the broader teams. Please stay up-to-date with feature releases, legislative changes, and anything else that may affect your customer base when it comes to payroll.

2. Staying up-to-date with new features and communication

We announce all new feature releases to our partner network via the partner update email. Part of your role as a Payroll Champion includes making sure all departments in your business know about features and changes that affect your customer base. You will liaise with Sales, Marketing, and other teams in your business, as required. 

3. Troubleshoot for the broader team

Support enquiries from your organisation will be funnelled through the Payroll Champion. Payroll Champions are expected to use their payroll knowledge, and Employment Hero skills to solve requests. When an issue remains unresolved by a Payroll Champion, they can then escalate the request to Employment Hero Support.

For more information visit Employment Hero’s Technical Support.

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