Partner dashboard

The partner dashboard is designed to help you to manage support issues for your clients in faster and more effective ways.

The first iteration of the dashboard is now live and gives you access to business maintenance tools and the branded payroll management feature. These tools were initially created for the benefit of Employment Hero support staff so that we could better assist users. We’re essentially extending these tools to you so that you can help your customers without having to reach out to Employment Hero to intervene.

Benefits you’ll experience with Business Maintenance Tools:

  • More control and ability to problem-solve for customers
  • Obtain better insights into your customers’ businesses
  • Achieve time saved on tasks
  • The first feature releases in the partnership dashboard are designed to enable you to provide speedier issue resolution times for your clients and team. In addition, you'll be given more transparency over actions performed in your payroll system.

Benefits you’ll experience with Branded Payroll Management:

  • Better management of individual branded payroll details, including user access and two factor authentication settings
  • Access all of your invoices from a central location and easily download them as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets.
  • Manage business templates
  • Set up email sender authentication
  • Brand management
  • Manage ATO software ID settings per branded payroll (AU region only)
  • Manage PensionSync intermediary IDs per branded payroll where relevant (UK region only)

More resources:

  • To read more about the partner dashboard, check out this support article.
  • To read more about the Branded Payroll Management feature, check out this support article.
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