Employment Hero Brand Guidelines

Updated October 2023

Welcome to our brand guidelines created for the Employment Hero Partner Network; we're thrilled that you're working with the Employment Hero brand. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create content and marketing collateral whilst protecting the integrity of the Employment Hero brand and using the provided assets correctly. 

These guidelines may be updated overtime to embrace the developing aspects of our brand and to reflect any changes and innovations implemented at Employment Hero.

Brand Identity

Employment Hero is an award winning, cloud-based payroll, HR, and workforce management platform. Our Partner Network services over 200k businesses and works with 750 partners globally. We currently support businesses across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Singapore and Malaysia.

At its core, Employment Hero simplifies people and payroll processes to save time and relieve businesses from the stressors of employment. The Employment Hero product suite is focused on compliance, automation and efficiency in order to support businesses with complex employment and payroll legislation, repetitive and time consuming admin, and improving productivity every day.


Employment Hero was founded on the idea of making employment easier and more rewarding for everyone. We do this by developing and maintaining innovative cloud solutions that make payroll and employment easier for all to access.

Our core mission for the Employment Hero Partner Network is to be your partner in payroll and employment success.

Tone of Voice

Our voice is human and direct, striking a bold and disruptive tone, we challenge conventional notions of employment and champion a better way.

We are direct, challenge the status quo, and lift the conversation.


When working with the Employment Hero brand on social media, please ensure the relevant Employment Hero handles are used:


Please submit any collateral using the Employment Hero brand for approval to the below contact. For any questions regarding the Employment Hero brand or to make use of Employment Hero Partner Network branded assets not covered by these guidelines, please contact the below.

Name: Fiona Passaris
Email: fiona.passaris@employmenthero.com

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